Countryside Kennels


Countryside Kennels offers a more traditional approach to dog boarding. One thing that is routine is daily outside, individual strolls to allow the dogs to relieve themselves outside of their kennels. These short walks are extending leashes to allow the dogs some opportunity to sniff out just the right spot for them and give them some time to romp around and enjoy themselves. Regular walks give the dogs something to look forward to.

Stainless steel bowls are always used to allow for better disinfection of their dishes. Over the years we have encountered some dogs who don't like steel dishes so other dishes are available for some of those finicky dogs.

Cats are boarded in their own individual quarters. Each cat has their own outside perch to sit on if they choose. Many like to sit on these perches to watch the squirrels and birds outside. They can watch the goings on, but are still contained within their own quarters.


One Dog: $21/night
Two Dogs (sharing a kennel): $38/night
Two Dogs (separate kennels): $40/night
Three Dogs (sharing a kennel): $44/night
Three Dogs (two kennels): $50/night
Monthly Rate (dogs): $575
One Cat: $13/night

For more information, or for monthly rates, give us a call!